Madelyn Baines

Copywriter, Editor, ESL Teacher


I am a web copywriter. I have experience with creating blog posts, tutorial documentation, FAQs, and testimonials using Umbraco content management system. I have also worked on copy for companies using Amazon shops, eBay stores and other platforms of this nature assisting them in gaining more visibility (SEO).

I have experience in creating and editing videos and am comfortable conducting live training sessions via Zoom.

I am also a qualified and experienced English as a Second Language teacher teaching professional adults how to improve their general communication and public speaking/presentation skills.

More about my teaching

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Phil Baines

Software Developer, Project Manager, Consultant


I'm a Software Developer. I've worked in web and software development for over 2 decades.

Over the years I've had experience working on a diverse range of projects. I've built complex web applications including content management systems, booking systems, business-to-business document sharing sytems and so on. I've also worked on APIs, mobile apps, software libraries and so on.

With my knowledge of planning & building software I am able to consult and offer advice to anyone who is looking to be pointed in the right direction. I have good communication skills, which often puts me in a good position to explain a clients ideas to other developers, and also to manage realistic expectations for clients.

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